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Tea Lempiälä, a graduate student from Finland’s Aalto University, is a visiting researcher at the Center for Design Research at Stanford University. Her interest in change and in the development of new things has influenced the research she concentrates on now.

Will water be society’s next energy crisis? How can we better manage this valuable resource that every human depends on?Planning, Policy, and Design Professor and Chair David Feldman discusses the policy and political conflicts that surround the issue of water and suggests potential solutions to its management. Learn more about Professor Feldman’s research atppd.soceco.uci.edu/

This was the Golden Goose Award Video from last year, stay tuned for this year’s Golden Goose Award DocuThesis…

Following a personal experience with a friend, Professor Roxane Silver of UC Irvine became inspired to study the mental processes behind those exposed to traumatic disasters and tragedies. She challenges general assumptions regarding those who are affected and why, and seeks to promote further understanding of the diversity of emotions regarding personal trauma.

Elizabeth Cauffman is a professor of psychology and social behavior. She researches adolescents who make immature and impulsive decisions and become incarcerated, and tries to see what they need to stay out of crime to help policymakers change the system to make it happen.

What is a DocuThesis?

Professor Richard Matthew talks about meeting the human and environmental security challenges of the 21st century.


Doctoral student Andrew Chang discusses how research, particularly that within California’s public universities, has impacted-and will continue to impact-economic productivity.

Desire Whitmore is a graduate student who studies lights and optics in a laboratory and strives to become a professor. She enjoys playing with lasers and doing her outreach work teaching kids science.

Public Diplomacy with Photography.

USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism